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The FiveCentShine team is made up of a dynamic and creative team of professionals with experience in a diverse range of business skills. Each member contributes to developing solutions for our clients to create a robust approach that is well founded across each discipline.

Chris Stroud
Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Utah, Chris graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in business management. Starting in 2007, Chris entered the performance advertising space with From there, he became the general manager at Offerweb, an affiliate network within the same space. With the knowledge learned from his numerous positions, and his own expertise in online marketing, marketing model creation, market positioning and business development, Chris launched FiveCentShine in 2009. Chris and his experience are unique due to its breadth and depth along with his continual success. His abilities in redefining and reconstructing businesses and ad campaigns from the ground up have resulted in significant success for previous employers and clients alike.Today, FiveCentShine operates as a”labor capitol investment” firm. With 3000+ industry professionals and hundreds of online/offline service providers in our portfolio, FiveCentShine is able to provide businesses with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to become successful and profitable within their online marketing models.

Kianne M. Keil
Director of Operations

After getting her Bachelor’s from the University of Northern Colorado, Kianne jumped right into a career as an advertising account executive for a nonprofit organization within the hospital and healthcare industry. From there, Kianne continued to gain knowledge and skills within advertising and marketing, gaining a background in accounting, finance, sales and marketing.  With having all of this background and knowledge, Kianne is so much more to FiveCentShine than a Director of Operations; she is a huge asset to the team that keeps FiveCentShine moving forward.


Jim Turner
Director of Marketing

Jim founded One By One Media, a social media marketing company in 2004, before the business of social was considered cool. Jim is a respected social media marketing consultant and professional blogger who is well-connected in advertising, public relations, marketing and other business circles, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, large agencies, startups and nonprofit companies. More than 20 years of working in the law gave Jim the management and leadership skills needed to successfully guide companies through the Web 2.0 business space. He also serves on the advisory boards of several companies, helping them adapt to the new social media marketing environment. Jim is a local radio host, and a personality on business shows and sports talk radio and speaks at conferences, events and conventions around the country.  Jim lives in Colorado with his wife and four children.

Jim loves being a part of a winning team and being a part of FiveCentShine is exactly the team he is looking to help take to the next level.

Vincent Scatliffe
Creative Director

As an international designer with over 7+ years of experience in Graphic Design and Product Design and Development, Vincent Scatliffe embodies a wealth of information and design skills to visually define and translate the core of any business or organization. His strong ability to listen to the heart of the client’s needs lends itself to the successful development of powerful imagery that immediately captures the attention of the intended audience. He also has a large and curious appetite for cuisines from different cultures and traditions, which influences his sensitivity to varying design aesthetics.


Carrol Lee
Director of Channel Partnerships

Almost a Colorado native and a 1990 transplant from Oklahoma, Carrol took her first step into her career by working for a IT channel partner who was responsible for over $3 billion in sales annually.  During her tenure there, she consistently ranked in the top 5% of sales associates amongst her other 75 sales colleagues.  Successfully ingrained into the Information Technology arena she transferred those skills into building long term business relationships.  These relationships entailed customizing and developing business solutions based upon her client’s needs.  With over 15+ years of experience in both business development and account management, her daily goal is to best serve her clients by listening, understanding their goals, and exceeding their expectations.

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