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Twitter Changing TweetDeck To Fit Use

twitterlogoI was an early adopter of the Twitter application and social network.  I was on the site in early 2007 while they were still boasting of having “thousands” of users instead of the millions of users they speak of at present. Feel free to follow along while my Twitter handle speaks in 140 characters or less.  As part of the growth of Twitter, we have seen application after application come into the marketplace and then either transmogrify into another application, die for lack of use, or flourish as a big time player.  One of the early used applications for Twitter was TweetDeck. TweetDeck flourished and was later purchased by Twitter itself to offer as a third party application. I fell in love with the TweetDeck the web application early as it allowed me to read a number of Twitter updates from my hundreds of friends and later became a tool where I could track my thousands of friends and followers and the many different conversations.  Recently I noticed I had an older version of the application and tried to upgrade my own version of TweetDeck.  I was told after trying to upgrade that, in fact, my computer was too old and I needed a faster and more up to date processor to handle the upgrade.

TweetDeck announced (ironically enough on a blogging platform that is also being phased out) they will be,  “doubling down on the web experience and discontinuing our app support.”  They want to cater to the “power users” who mostly use the TweetDeck application on their computers and keep the regular Twitter application for those that are using it on their smartphones and tablets.  Of note, they also state that they are retiring the the older version of the Twitter API.  I believe this is a move in the direction of making Twitter a more advertiser friendly application to begin ramping up to make the network a powerful money making tool.  For the early years we saw Twitter without a business plan to make the company money.  This may be a change in that direction to allow it to become one the powerhouses such as Facebook and Google.  For now they are telling us it is to fit the user base.  Twitter has never been one to break to the pressure of being a “business”, but I think this is a change to make them better in the eyes of investors and businesses.  They need to compete for attention and more importantly, money.

tweetdecklogoI would consider myself a power user of Twitter and have been for some time.  I hope that the changes do not necessitate me changing applications to a more robust model.  I have never been a true fan of Twitter as a software application itself but they may have some changes in store for us that will make them more like the TweetDeck software.  We will keep an eye on the changes and will also be interested to find out if this will change the way online marketing works in this 140 character world where we seem to be residing. If you have a favorite Twitter client we would love to hear from you what you are using.  For now, it seems TweetDeck is headed to the land of the Fail Whale.

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