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The Dreaded Inbox and Email Marketing

One of the things I do here at FiveCentShine is heading up the plans for direct marketing to existing clients, potential clients, existing affiliates and potential affiliates using email.  We also want to be seen as industry experts and have a plan in place for sending emails to potential brand ambassadors, and potential business referrals and all that comes from a great email marketing campaign.  I know that email marketing is effective.  My friends in that space do a very good job of making that apparent.  I have learned much of what I know in email marketing from people like DJ Waldow over at Waldow Social.  Give him a ring if you want someone to help you too.

EmailBankruptcyI hate email.  It is one of those things that makes me cringe.  I don’t hate the content, often I get great information in them. I don’t hate the concept of communication either.  I use email daily to communicate, and I get much of my information from friends and colleagues using email. I used to talk to my Mom on the phone everyday.  Now I get the occasional email from her.  It has changed communication in my family, in many cultures and certainly has changed the way we communicate in business.

There are many times I file for what I call Email Bankruptcy.  You may have an idea of what I mean by having a look at one of my email accounts (pictured at left).  This is a true to life screen capture of my dreaded inbox.  I will remind you I said only one account.  I have currently 6 different email accounts and in a couple of those I actually have what I would consider sub-accounts that re-direct to one of the 6 inboxes.  To say the least I am overwhelmed.  Much like the person who gets into debt and cannot dig their way out no matter what they do. This is what I mean by email bankruptcy. I merely hit that delete button and start over from scratch. I am currently email bankrupt in that account.

Some of you may be thinking as I do, “What if there is an important email in that inbox?”  I know exactly how that mindset works.  It’s like that pack rat personality that keeps the bread bag twist tie in a drawer for the thought that someday you may need to may a twist tie rope like MacGyver and climb down a building–another blog post for another time. Herein lies the reason for my not wanting to delete emails.  I might somehow need to refer to them in a legal brief to the Supreme Court. ( see how my mind works?)  If they are less than a certain age, they can be used in a Court of law.  Well that might just be my legal background influencing me, but you again get the idea.

Realistically if the emails were of that much importance we would have heard something from the sender in another medium.  Perhaps they might even pick up the phone and call!  Yes, I have been known to actually speak to people in my real voice at times.

The inbox can be a dreaded medium for many.  Some just don’t get the message. They believe that email is all spam.  Others make it almost a religious ceremony to make sure their email inbox is always at “0” unread emails.  Are you one of the people who want to keep your inbox empty?  Let me know.  Go ahead send me an email and tell me of your email habits.  I might just actually get to it, or it may end up in email bankruptcy court.


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