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What Does FiveCentShine Do?

Marketing Minds Everywhere Are Changing

Simply put, FiveCentShine powers some of the world's most successful brands through Strategic Resource Consulting.

***We are not an agency, affiliate network or media group. To truly understand who we are and what we do, please allow us to explain:

From The Beginning

Since our founding in 2009, we found that Owners, Entrepreneur's, VP's, Directors and Managers of Marketing and Business Development, all over the world, were experiencing the same frustrations. Some of these issues included (but were not limited to):
  1. Slow fulfillment times
  2. Lack of affiliate partners
  3. Exorbitant development/marketing costs
  4. Lack of transparency
  5. Lack of planning
  6. Non-existent project, marketing "mapping"
  7. Inconsistent partner results and much, much more.
Whereas these frustrations were consistent among the industry, we found that these results often appeared in companies that truly did offer top notch services. This caused us to ask the question "why?"
Enough Is Enough

Through Research

Success Equals Structure And Fit  
Over time, we discovered that, like any large environment and industry, the answer is complex, multi-faceted and fluctuating. That being said, a multitude of elements consistently were mentioned as being key contributors to success/failure on respective business development and marketing:
  1. Price
  2. Transparency
  3. Talent
  4. Internal Politics
  5. Contractual/Compensation Structure
  6. Expectations
  7. Business Size
  8. Project Communication
  9. Financial Model/Motivations
  10. etc.

The Turning Point

When evaluating all of these elements and reconciling that these elements fluctuated even within the same organizations, we discovered a "key failure" in the process assumed by most all "Heads of Marketing/Business Development" that we met. Simply put, they spent the bulk of their time, energy and money refining their own internal business and its processes. As a result, the time needed and spent finding the right resource, service provider, contact and/or company was reserved to less than 5% of their respective job.

That still was not the most significant issue or problem faced. 

The most significant issue was that almost no one focused on finding the "Perfect Contact" within that organization. We've been so trained to evaluate services and brands that we've failed to remember that the success of a project has as much or more to do with "who" is "swinging the hammer" as the type of hammer.

We refer to this as "The complexion of the Perfect Contact" as that contact needs to be dedicated, not only to their job, but to you as their client.

Complexion Of The Perfect Fit

And here is where we arrive at the core problem that exists for all parties looking for consistent results and success within their business. 


Consistent success is dependent on searching, finding, contacting, communicating, vetting, validating and pricing needed services, by niche and specifically contact, not just company. That job requires full time dedication, not part time impulse buying.

The Elephant In The Room

 With success being dependent on the (bare bones list below) process of:
  1. Searching For Right Vendor/Contractor
  2. Contacting Vendor/Contractor
  3. Communicating Relative Questions
  4. Vetting Legitimacy, Fit
  5. Validating Niche & Talent
  6. and finally Pricing
It becomes quite clear that "the elephant in the room" is the lack of time that exists to actually complete that process effectively and efficiently. Further, it implies that all parties will agree to accept your assessment and choice upon completion.
  The Elephant And Reality

And Finally, What We Do

Map Your Success
FiveCentShine is a Strategic Resource Utilization Consultant. We specialize in becoming not only acquainted with your business but also its strategic design. After becoming a client with FiveCentShine, you will receive:
  1. Access to the FiveCentShine database
  2. Direct Access to Strategic Contacts & Companies
  3. Custom Resource Recommendations
  4. Strategic Consulting and Guidance
  5. Implementation of Custom Resource Searches/Validation
  6. Exclusive Vendor Discounts
  7. Exclusive "Group Buying" Opportunities
  8. Exclusive Resource Webinars & Training
  9. New Contacts Validated/Added Email Updates
But that's not all...

Money Back

FiveCentShine makes its money (i) from a small monthly membership fee and (ii) from referral/affiliate commissions, and as promised, with full transparency we disclose what those referral fees are in our database. But, that's not all... 

FiveCentShine takes 50% of all its referral/affiliate fees stemming from your account and sends it back to you. 

What a Great Idea!

LET ME REPEAT: FiveCentShine will send to the account holder 50% of all referral/affiliate fees it receives from marketing activities selected by you or your firm.

FiveCentShine offers multiple plans that can fit all types of businesses. Whether you're a new startup or a large financial institution, we can fit your needs. Get Started Today!

A Handful of Partners

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Proof Is In The Pudding

What other people thought about the service provided by FiveCentShine & Chris Stroud

Chris is an affiliate ninja that everyone in the industry seems to know and like. He has helped us shape our affiliate marketing strategy so that it will be successful and then made the right introductions… In a sketchy industry Chris is a breath of fresh air.

Josh Carr

Chris and his team at FiveCentShine helped with my startup… His vast Rolodex of decision makers across numerous industries, and in depth knowledge of marketing, has been very helpful in creating opportunities for my company.

James Alexander

Chris has to be one of the most forward thinking marketers I’ve ever met. We’ve worked together for many years and Chris has always helped push us and our clients into new and profitable channels. I can’t recommend working with him more highly.

Jamie Birch

In an era of fast and furious business relationships, Chris Stroud is extremely adept at the art of creating mutually beneficial connections in the world of online media and affiliate marketing. He brings passion and enthusiasm to every business relationship…

Bob Gerberg Jr.

Chris was extremely helpful in getting us up to speed on the affiliate networking and lead generation spaces. His depth of knowledge in these areas is very impressive.

Brad Schneider

Chris has proven himself to be extremely valuable to our business because of his deep knowledge of the acquisition space and his ability to deliver innovative solution and excellent results. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to find ways to grow…

Christopher Dailey