What Is FiveCentShine?

Simply put... "Good, Honest Work"

FiveCentShine is an Authorized Re-Seller of online marketing products, services, SaaS (Software As A Solution), expertise and more. FiveCentShine is not an advertising agency, affiliate network or broker. 

To be clear, FiveCentShine does not charge consulting, management or "mark up" fees for the services we coordinate. Our compensation comes directly from the partners and service providers we represent.

(a few examples of our partners)

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FiveCentShine is your one stop shop for B2C and B2B customer traffic, acquisition, nurturing and conversion.  

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100% Direct
Each of our clients works directly with our partners. We act as both consultant and guide in finding you the right fit for you and aid in the launch process.
Work directly with vendors, FiveCentShine will act as the guide

Some of our partners include:

The Depth Of Experience Is Broad

Our focus is your ongoing growth!

Zero markup on partner services
$0 Mark up
Because you work directly with each product and service provider, you receive each service with zero markup due to our involvement. 
There are many options that we can email to you directly. Ask for your free assessment!
Hundreds of Options
Using our own proprietary engine we are able to constantly add additional products, traffic sources, services, etc. to fit your needs. We then keep you up to date with these opportunities via email. 
Our long term goal is your business growth.
Your Growth Partner
Our #1 objective is to be your long term growth and service provider. We recognize that true growth comes from consistent development and aid in providing that continuity. 


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200+ Active partners, 1,000+ Active products

Our Legacy

There is history in our name

and this history has become a core principle in how FiveCentShine does business. Our brand, name and logo is described below, by our CEO and Founder Chris Stroud. 

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We are located just south of the Denver Tech Center. We look forward to seeing you. 

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Whether you are looking for more customers or looking for more business clients, please contact us here and we will be in touch shortly. 

"Chris and his team at FiveCentShine helped with my startup's business development efforts. Chris cares about delivering on his promise no matter what it takes...."

James Alexander, Entrepreneur

What do our clients & partners think? 

Tel: 303-872-9222

"As the eldest child in my family's generation, I was privileged to know my great-grandfather, Gideon Mahler & my great-grandmother Willie V. Following Gideon's passing, while in my teenage years, my family made the trip to Texas to pay our respects. 

FiveCentShine was founded with Good, Honest work in mind.

It was while sitting in his home shortly after the funeral services that I found a well used shoe shine box with a fairly unique design on its exterior. Inside of the box were all the stains from shoe polish, brushes, etc. as would be expected. It impressed me at the time, and has since, that here at the end of his journey was yet another sign, albeit simple, of a life dedicated to good, honest work.

The impression on me was so great that I struggled to part with the box. I asked my great grandmother if she would mind if I kept the box and with her approval, I did. 

Let us give your brand the marketing shine that it needs!

It has been over a decade since my great-grandfather's passing and I still continue to carry the box with me. It was while pondering our business' direction and focus that the values I wished to instill became clear to me. 

FiveCentShine, our branding and slogan are derived from this experience. The logo, design and name specifically come from the artist renditions on the shoe shine box itself. 

Business strategy, focus, products and services can all change, but our vision and objective will not. We are and alway swill be focused on providing Good, Honest Work. 

and hundreds more...

"Chris has proven himself to be extremely valuable to our business because of his deep knowledge of the acquisition space and his ability to deliver innovative solutions and excellent results. Chris and his team are incredibly responsive and reliable. He is also a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to find ways to grow their customer base."

Chris Dailey, CRO,

"Chris was extremely helpful in getting us up to speed on the affiliate networking and lead generation spaces. His depth of knowledge in these areas is very impressive."

Brad Schneider, Technology Investor -Adaptive Management

"I have had the pleasure to work with Chris on many occasions, and results have been tremendous. The attention to detail, the outside of the box thinking, and the expertise in his field have driven results time and time again"

Jeff Keenan, Director of Sales, VE Interactive North America

We work with hundreds of strategic partners. Let us help you find the ones your business needs.
Mobile knows zero boundaries. We can help you spread the word across all platforms.
We can help you nurture you new customers and leads as well.
We help you capture more of your customers each and every day.
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